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Accepting New Patients !  April and May 2014 
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We can help  withdrawal symptoms using suboxone along with equally important counseling-aided recovery. Opiate addiction recovery is easier with our methods and keeping clean will be less frustrating. Let us offer you our private compassionate clinic; we specialize in long term maintenance suboxone and counseling to change your life back to normal. We do not use methadone but can help you get of methadone comfortably.  

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Pain Killers are a group of medications indicated to treat genuine pain syndromes that are not responding adequately to non-habit forming medications. Prescription pain Killer side effects are numerous and include (but are not limited to) potential for abuse and respiratory center depression that can be fatal.

Prescription pain killers include: Actiq codeine darvocet fentanyl heroin hydromorphone methadone morphine oxycodone oxycontin proppxyphene sufentanil talwin vicodin. 
We help people from all areas of ohio who can't find local help. Patients who fail with methadone treatments have excellent success with our suboxone / counseling regimine. 
 Eliminate the  discomfort symptoms from quitting opiates. Call us to begin living a fuller life! Do you know of anyone illegally selling their suboxone on the streets? Please help stop this diversion Call us 614-598-9960 or email us. All contact is confidential. Reward for convicton of person(s) diverting / selling / misusing suboxone which originates from Clinic5.

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