We are a leading Ohio suboxone clinic featuring Ohio certified suboxone doctors offering the methadone alternative for opiate addiction recovery. We can help you get your life back and prevent withdrawal symptoms using suboxone along with equally important counseling-aided recovery. Opiate addiction recovery is easier with our methods and keeping clean will be less frustrating. Let us offer you our private compassionate clinic; we specialize in long term maintenance suboxone and counseling to change your life back to normal. We do not use methadone but can help you get off methadone comfortably.  You can take your life back today, free of opiate addiction. Call Us Now. x

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About Clinic 5's Program

We provide clinical support to people from all areas of ohio who can't access treatment options locally.

Why Suboxone. Isn't It the Same as Methadone?

Manu patients who have had unfavorable results with methadone treatments have had excellent success with our suboxone / counseling regimine. Painful withdrawal symptoms are a major obstacle to breaking the cycle of opiate dependency. In many cases where Methadone, alone, hasn't provided the requisite efficacy for a patient, Suboxone coupled with Clinic 5 clinical methodolies of group and one-to-one counseling may be the therapeutic answer.

Eliminate discomfort symptoms from quitting opiates. Call us to begin living a fuller life!

Our Opiate Clinic Program Description Using Suboxone and Counseling
Our Opiate Clinic Program Description Using Suboxone and Counseling 
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Treatment Program

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Ge into a good NA based recovery program to begin your successful Addiction Recovery.

Hang in there , You can do this !